Global Business Services (GBS) at Procter & Gamble

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Smart Ways to Market a Service Business

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Is it advisable to do SEO and SEM for your business?

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Many companies in WA think it is enough to be on the Internet through a web and social networks. However, it is advisable to carry a strategy well defined and marked for best results. Even if it is a local painting business. Today Google is working hard on this aspect and enhancing much local positioning. Thus, a local company in Perth, for example, can get good results through a strategy to improve their positioning in search engines in Australia.


It depends on the results you expect and the budget that will be available. SEM provides much faster results with a view to positioning results, although it is also much more expensive, and the strategy can be diluted. SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term race: results take longer but are much more stable and give good results with the passage of time. It is best to hire a professional online marketing agency that will help you to develop the strategy. The most appropriate is usually a joint strategy so that the speed of the week through the recruitment of Google Adwords ads is maintained for a long time thanks to the techniques on which rests the SEO.

What do you recommend?

SEO strategies tend to change time to time, taking into account the Google algorithms and internal changes that occur in the search industry. If long ago said that content was King, today the roads going more towards a semantic search, interaction through social networks and the use of smartphones to perform searches.

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A few rules that the rich are following

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Undoubtedly you’ve challenged yourself many times why very few people are achieving financial freedom in the end. The answer lies in the system of beliefs that we possess, which we have been learning throughout our development. This belief system is mainly influenced by our parents and teachers.

find success and wealthOur financial results, unfortunately, or, fortunately, depend on the beliefs that we have. Moreover, don’t get me wrong, our parents and teachers did not seek to affect our life, on the contrary, gave us tips that they received, to help us. The real conflict is that this belief system, which is taught by most parents and teachers in the world, is the factor that defines whether you’ll be someone rich or not you will achieve financial freedom in your life.

However, all is not lost. Fortunately, we can modify the system of beliefs that we have at our convenience and today I share with you the solution. I want to introduce you ten rules based on the lessons that I have learned from my mentors, and of course I put into practice come. You put into practice rules will help you achieve financial freedom. The best thing about this is that today I will help you to change your financial results by only changing your beliefs.

Rules of wealth that will change your life

The rich see opportunities, the poor see obstacles. The rich see growth, the poor see crisis. The rich are focused on earnings, the poor in the losses. The rich propose solutions, the poor only complain. In conclusion the difference between someone rich and one that isn’t, is defined in their way of seeing the business world.

The rich do not use the word problem; they use the term “challenge”. The secret of success is not to try to avoid problems or get rid of them, Neither you should bow before them. A simple change of approach will transform your life, something as simple as changing your vocabulary the word problem and replaced by challenge or opportunity. The secret is that you grow up so that you are bigger than any problem.

Their attitude towards the problems is defined if they will have a solution or not.

The rich take control of his life, the poor wait for third parties to resolve their conflicts. The best way to take control of your life is preparing you financially. Don’t forget that the rich educates is, while the poor being entertained. For this reason the system you want to people to ignore reality.

The wealthy focus on the win, retain and invest their money. If you want to be poor, focus on spending money. You can read a thousand books and attend hundreds of courses on success and prosperity, but it comes down to that. Win, retain and invest your resources cleverly. Every dollar that passes through your hands always has two options; the first, become an active and the second option is being spent and become a liability. You have control of your financial future.

The rich manage before the own, while the poor expect to have to manage. In many cases, the poor already have spent the money until it reaches your hands. The poor have the following ideas:

The rich make money work hard for them, the poor work hard for your money. The rich know that the only way to make their money work for them is to build a business and invest the utilities that deliver it to them. The poor are not enough wealth that work hard to enrich someone else.

The wealthy understand that we must pay a price until “your money” runs long enough to take their place. I.e. the wealthy know that time must be invested in financial education to make the money work hard for them. They think that the more work ‘your money’ less will have to work them.

If you want to make money, you have to provide something of value to the people. If you want to be rich, you must provide something of value to millions of people. The best way to get a great fortune is to build up the lives of millions of people through the generation of value. Our task must be to leave the world a better place of as we found it. Help millions of people to improve their lives through our businesses is the infallible formula of wealth.

The rich are always willing to pay the price of his success, even if it is hard and painful. If you are willing to do only what is easy, life is hard. However, if you are willing to do whatever it takes hard, life will be easy.

The rich know that always can get more life, which always is learning and growing personally. Remember that you can always be more, be more and do more because always you may be wiser, i.e. always you can expand your context.

Learn this valuable lesson: “the rich were not always rich, they decided to grow as people and acquire wisdom, then it is not what you have today, it’s whom you become the process”. The best way to get more in life is to demand more from yourself.

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